Lo-op is a craft-design entity that provides a materials and process driven programme connecting designers with Japanese craftsman. Our mission is to produce new product categories in fashion, homeware, perfumery and souvenirs. This is made possible by connecting emerging designers with established craftsmanship in Japan.

Craft Facilities

We represent the new generation of small & medium makers with an openness and intention to collaborate and make.


    Founded in 1916 and led by its forth generation owner Mr Katsuji Nousaku, NOUSAKU CORPORATION possess the finest techniques of working with metal such as casting of...


    KIHARA, INC. is a Japanese porcelain brand based in Akasaka, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga prefecture in Japan. With more than 20 different collections of ceramic...


    Founded in 1928, MARUJU LTD. is a fabric company that specialises in design, printing, fabrication and processing (conditioning) of  textile materials such as linen and...

  • Traditional Materials and Process Innovation

    With access to materials such as porcelain, metal, wood, glass, fabric, scent etc., and over hundreds of years of traditional craft techniques, we are able to to provide expert advice in materials and process innovation

  • Industrial Design

    We have a strong understanding in the production process in a way which will allow price competitiveness. If you are looking to create a new collection or launch a new label, we can help

  • Retail and Distribution in Japan and SE Asia

    Having a diverse experience from managing a online e commerce platform to operating a museum shop (and distribution), we can provide a direct conception to retail solution.


Lo-op was founded by Keisuke Otani (Japan) and Edwin Low (Singapore). With combined expertise in the fields of industrial design, retail, crafts management and strategic business design, they founded Lo-op in 2014.

  • Keisuke Otani

    Managing Director

  • Edwin Low

    Creative Director

Contact Us

Japan Address: 1-24-10, Inokashira Mitaka-City, Tokyo, 1810001, Japan

Singapore Address: 30A Seah Street, Singapore 188386

[email protected]